Catherine Robinson

Catherine has a BA in Fine Art from Canterbury Christ Church University. Her recent prints and drawings have been shown at the Cork Street Gallery in London, and galleries in  Canterbury, Whitstable and Folkestone. She works from her studio near Folkestone.

I am a printmaker, working primarily in etching, collagraph, drypoint and monoprint. My work often reflects a personal search for a place of inner equilibrium in the midst of the tensions and contradictions of contemporary life.

The range of printmaking techniques that I use gives me the freedom to select the most appropriate medium for the idea I am working with. I usually begin with observational drawing, developing it into a suitable image for the printing plate. Photographs can sometimes be useful in giving me more information, but drawing is at the heart of my practice. At other times, particularly when working with collagraph, I may let the juxtaposition of materials guide the design of the plate, rather than starting with a defined idea of the final image. I also like to experiment with drawing in mixed media, to help my work to remain exploratory and inquisitive.