Graham Nash

Graham Nash is a British artist who lives and works near Barcelona. He originally studied art at the Bournemouth College of Art. He paints and works with ceramics, but in the latest phase of his artistic trajectory he is concentrating on representing his ideas and views using an original sculptural technique that creates an interesting final aesthetic through a combination of the viscosity of the material he uses, gravity and ambient temperature.  His aim is to create unusual abstractions on wire frames of more familiar forms to add drama and mystery to the final image.  He enjoys the natural randomness that comes into play to create the final visual characteristics of his work which for him represents metaphorically the chance driven aspects of life itself. He openly admits his great admiration for artists such as Joan Miró, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Miquel Barceló who all chose to kick against artistic convention, in their own ways and moments in time, in search of original forms of expression.  He professes to be trying to do something similar with what he calls “natural evolutionary abstraction” in his own personal search for pureness and honesty and is constantly seeking a freshness that will surprise and even disturb the observer.