Ian Heard FRSA

Throughout my life; I have believed in the power of art to influence, to challenge and to alter preconceptions of the world we live in. To record, to comment and to interpret the world through such media that is available. My own strengths have always been illustratively biased and my career as a painter/ illustrator has given me the tools I now realise are the same ones employed by Turner, Blake, Goya, Hogarth etc. to see the world through different eyes; the artist as observer, one who looks but also sees.

To draw is still the most important of our skills. Simple drawing is the keystone of our creativity; without draftsmanship, everything falls. I see drawing, especially en plein air, as most fundamental. Line, and traditional watercolour, that most elusive of media, is prevalent in my work, though not at all costs.

Impasto: oil and acrylic media also play an important and increasing part in my working practise. By virtue of the ancient disciplines, by the application of pigment on paper and canvas, we endeavour to pursue the artist’s craft and fulfil the creative drive that is hot-wired within us all.

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