Jennie Thomas

Jennie G Thomas


Jennie is a Buckingham born Printmaker who has exhibited regularly over the past twenty years. Much of her time is spent in her studio or at Oxford Printmaker’s Co-op revelling in the delights of printmaking. Her work explores the textures, patterns, contrasts and harmonies of colour, whilst experimenting with shape and subject matter. Her work continues to explore the antics involved in “The Mating Game” and aspects of voyeurism. As a printmaker learning a new technique is like a new word, you are constantly extending your ideas, textures, design and shape.

Other works are created from source material in the studio, taken from on site studies whilst on her ‘Paintings Trips’ abroad and in this country.

Jennie is a local Art Teacher in the area of Buckinghamshire. A sixteen year member of Bucks Art Society and a seven year member of Wooburn Arts Festival. Plus numerous other exhibitions.