Kate Watkins


Born in Hampshire, I took a degree in Fine Art at Canterbury College of Art and Reading University, in 1962/63, specialising in painting and woodcarving.

For most of my working life I have taught art in secondary and further education, during which I took a Masters Degree in Education at Exeter University. My teaching took me to schools in New Zealand and in England from Kent to Devon and Lancashire. I retired from a post as Director of the Arts Faculty of a large comprehensive school in Lancashire.

I have exhibited successfully in several parts of Britain in galleries and open studios. My work has sold in England, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

I am a figurative artist, responding to natural forms, both alive and inanimate. I seek the colour, pattern, form and texture of my subjects. Often the subject dictates the style and materials I use. I enjoy studying other artists’ work of the past in order to inform my own. Life-drawing classes support my own drawing skills; my knowledge of drawing underlines most of my work.   I am a member of the Bucks Art Society and exhibit with them.

I am enjoying wood and stone carving again, attending a stone carving course at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park each year. I am a member of the British Woodcarving Association. It is good to work with other artists, whatever the medium I am working with; it is always good to learn from each other and gain more enjoyment from the subject.

I keep sketchbooks for special projects and a running one which will have drawings, photographs and cuttings to inspire the next piece of work. My hobby is travelling over this country and other parts of the world with a strong interest in birds, taking hundreds of photographs and sketching, to return with the hope of developing some of the images. This way I remain aware and I look at new environments with greater care.