Paul Slater

Paul Slater is one of Britain’s most popular and highly regarded artist/ illustrators.  He was born in 1953 in the grim northern English town of Burnley, Lancashire.   He earned his Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art in London.  His reputation and career have grown steadily every year since.

Paul’s richly detailed work has a style that evokes the techniques and imagery of Edward Hopper, Frederick Remington, Norman Rockwell, Rene Magritte, N.C. Wyeth and John Singer Sargent, with a twist and panache that is entirely his own.

Over a 25 year career Paul’s list of clients is extensive and impressive.  Corporations such as General Motors, Shell, British Airways, Volkswagen, Campbell Soup, Rolls Royce, Volvo and Cutty Sark have used his images in their advertisements.

His artwork has appeared on the covers and inside magazines like Time, The New Yorker, Readers Digest and Penthouse.  For the past ten years his work has been seen every weekend in the London Times, and in the Daily Express for the past four years.

He has produced images for a variety of book jackets throughout the world.  A Magritte pastiche he did for the Oliver Sacks book, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat”,  was so convincing the Magritte estate erroneously attempted to collect a royalty for it’s use.

Paul Slater is an extraordinary caricaturist as well.  Many “victims” of his caricatures subsequently purchase the artwork themselves.  Well known people like Andrew Lloyd Weber, Richard Branson, David Gilmour, Louis Vuitton and Frank Bruno all have collected his art.

His awards include the 1997 WH Smith Editorial Art Award and The Association of Illustrators “Artist of the Year” in 1996.

Paul currently lives outside London with his wife and daughter.