Pippa Greensmith

Pippa grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa and moved to the UK in 1984. Her first studies in art were at Amersham & Wycombe College in the 1990’s. She later gave up teaching IT to concentrate on painting and sculpture. Her work deals mainly with the sea and landscapes, particularly man-made patterns on the countryside.  Aerial views leading to abstraction are often her inspiration.


She uses mixed media, with a preference for the modern feel of acrylics, and is currently exploring the versatility of digital software to enhance existing paintings.


Pippa has shown work in Cape Town and London, including:


  • St Martins in the Fields,  London
  • Questors Theatre, Ealing
  • Amersham Town Hall
  • Obsidian Art, Buckinghamshire
  • Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury
  • Buckinghamshire Art Society